How The Hunger Games is the Boy Meets Girl story

Daniel D, Ben S, Parker S

I think that The Hunger Games is a boy meets girl because at the beginning of the book has Katniss feels like she kind of always liked Peeta which she said later on in the book. Her sister was then called out as a tribute and Katniss then volunteered to take Prim’s place in The Hunger Games. That is where she lost everything just like in the Boy Meets Girl story. The story went down in the deep depression stage for her.

Later on in the book she found out that some of the rules have changed in The Hunger Games. The rule change was if two people were from the same district they could both win if they were both still alive. Katniss felt some relief and happiness when she heard that but still a little concerned when she found out he was badly injured. She finally felt relief when she found Peeta. Her happiness was going up more and more the more time she spent with Peeta, when she kissed him to make him shut up when he was talking too much, she was relieved of everything.


How The Hunger Games fits the Cinderella story pattern.

The Hunger Games follows the Cinderella story pattern because Katniss starts out as a very poor, unhappy girl from district 12. Many bad things happen to Katniss to make her unhappy. Like when her dad died that mad her life very difficult because she had to provide for her mom and her little sister. Then the reaping happens and her sister gets called to go into the games which mad Katniss even more unhappy. Katniss then ends up volunteering to go into the games instead. When the boy tribute is called (Peeta) she remembers when she was sitting outside his parents bakery and he gave Katniss the burnt bread he was supposed to give the pigs. The lowest point in the story line is the hunger games itself. There are many tragic parts that made the Katniss story line go way down. Like when Rue dies, that really changes the games for Katniss. Once Katniss hears that both tributes have to be alive in order to win the games she goes on a search for Peeta. once they get towards the end of the games the story line starts to go up a little because Peeta and Katniss make it through the games very well. Until it is just the two of them left Because they changed the rules back to one survivor only. They then threated to just both kill themselves so no one wins. Until they both ended up winning. Katniss life got way better. Not only have she won the games but she got a lot of good stuff for her and her family. At the end of the book the Katniss life is way better than it was in the beginning.

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Question #4 – Comment by Friday, May 12th

Book review time!  Now that you have finished The Hunger Games write up a short review.  How was it?  Did it live up to your expectations?  Was it even better than you had hoped?  What made it so?

Consider including a brief premise, the narration, and the structure of the book as well as your own opinions on readability and genre classification.  Who else might like this book?

Question #3 – Comment by Fri. 5/5

Obviously, the main character here is Katniss Everdeen; after all, she tells the story.  Peeta and Haymitch can also be considered, as her friend and mentor respectively, to be main characters.

What secondary character (NOT Katniss or Peeta or Haymitch) do you think is most influential to the storyline?  Explain why.  What traits does the character have?  How does he/she complement or contrast other characters?  What is the “function” of this character in the story?

Question #2 – Comment by Friday 4/28

Which character in The Hunger Games is your favorite (so far)? Explain why this is.  Notice whether you identify with the character or whether the character is sort of an “escape” for you because of how different he/she is from you?  What kinds of things does the author do to bring this character to life for you, as a reader?